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Our Mission

Our church motto, "TO KNOW HIM AND TO MAKE HIM KNOWN" is the driving force of our leadership and congregation. These are just some of the sccomplishments F.B.C.C. has done to fulfill this mission and the commission of Jesus Christ to share his love and good news in our community, nation and around the world!


2003 - 2008: Generated more than $1.3 million in land and property acquisition, property improvement and transportation

2005 - 2007: Traveled to Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama on various Disaster Relief Efforts

2008 - 2010: Traveled to Ghana, Africa to visit the elementary school the church supports. Built six new classrooms.

2011 Africa Mission Support to Country Side Orphanage, Fomena Clinic and School Support in Brakwa 

2011: $45,000 in Disaster Relief to tornado victims in Tuscaloosa, AL.

2012 - 2013: Viceroy Hotel (86 Unit) SRO Renovation Project (Est. $20 million in partnership with Heartland & Associates)