FIRST BAPTIST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH1613 West Washington Blvd. - Chicago, Illinois 60612 - 312.243.8047

About the Architect: Gordon P. Randall

Gordon P. Randall began studying architecture at the Boston office of Ashur Benjamin. He practiced architecture in Chicago for 34 years after arriving in the city at the age of 30. His work was better known at the time than any other architect in the west and he concentrated mainly on school houses, churches, and court houses. In his design of the First Baptist Congregational Church, he initiated the amphitheater seating arrangement, which was much copied. His design of the church brought him great fame as an ecclesiastical architect.

Randall was described in the October, 1884, issue of Inland Architect as:

"Beside (sic) being an architect of wide information and honor to his profession, Mr. Randall was a man of sterling worth, his broad nature and genial temperament drawing to him friends where for honesty and integrity that was always beyond reproach. As an architect of the old school, always true to the principle of his art, and designing with a broad and positive expression, his works will long stand as examples of the thorough work of a thorough man."

Also designed by him was the Spaulding Building built in 1872 and located at 301-03 South State Street, which is now demolished. He also designed the Plymouth Congregational Church (1867-71) which was located at the southwest corner of North Wabash Avenue and East Eldridge Court. This church was destroyed by fire. The Old St. Mary's Paulist Church was built for the congregation of Plymouth Congregational Church after they lost their building to fire. This church was located at 901 South Wabash and was recently demolished (also designed by Randall).